The fort

The history of Fort Marie Christine


In order to prevent a French invasion, the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia erected during the XIXe century several fortifications. Between 1830 and 1860, 5 forts were built on the Esseillon site.
Fort Marie Christine is the highest point of the fortifications, dominating the village of Aussois.

1860 came and Savoy was annexed to France. Another important event was the construction of the Fréjus railway tunnel, which was put into service in 1871. These two events reduced the strategic utility of these forts.
1970 was an important date for the commune of Aussois because it bought 4 of the 5 forts.

The future of Fort Marie Christine was now going to be quite different...

Hotels and restaurants

Culminating at an altitude of 1500 metres in the village resort of Aussois, Fort Marie Christine is a place to welcome holidaymakers, nature and snow classes (gite approved by Jeunesse & Sport and the French National Education Authority), professional meetings to literally blow your mind, but it is also a stopover gite for tourists wishing to explore the region.

Open all year round, this fort in Aussois has been mainly oriented towards tourism in the summer and winter seasons for decades, offering a gite accommodation service with a restaurant and tea room at its disposal.

Activities & leisure


Is it really worth telling you what to do in Aussois in summer? If you come to visit us in the hot season rather than go to the seaside to inflate the buoy and eat snacks, then you already have your own idea; or maybe water is not your cup of tea... Speaking of tea, our lounge at Marie Christine's fort offers a selection of refreshing drinks and ice creams as well as quality tea. But let's get back to the seasons! Here's a brief checklist of activities to do in the summer around our fort in Aussois...

Activities around the fort in Aussois

In terms of sports, for climbing enthusiasts there is the Via Ferrata du Diable with 7 sections of varying difficulty. There are routes suitable for children to keep the whole family entertained, but there are other Via Ferrata climbing routes such as the école buissonnière or the cliff of Fort Marie Christine. For more thrills, you can do activities in the air such as paragliding.

Of course, there are many hiking and biking trails in and around our municipality. Ask at the tourist office for more information about the routes. Fort Marie Christine can also advise you by phone or on site.

Within a radius of less than 30 km, you can visit farms to discover the know-how and where cheeses are for sale such as Beaufort d'Alpage, tomme, sérac, Termignon blue cheese, or butter.

Visit the Saint-Benoît waterfall just 3 km from Aussois and the interpretation area of the Belvédère des Barrages d'Aussois. To refresh yourself and combine water with hiking, you can go canyoning.

This is just an overview of the many things to do and places to visit!


While winter does not brighten up all faces in the French metropolis because of the grey skies, the cold and the colds, in Aussois it is a welcome season and one that you certainly look forward to coming to visit us!

Discover a summary of the sports activities to do during this time of year...

Combining sports and raclettes

Clip on your skis, put on your sledges, put on your snowshoes, you, visitors coming from other countries to benefit from our wonderful natural heritage in Savoie, are welcome!

Your presence warms our hearts. We prepare ourselves for a good part of the year for this season in order to be quality hosts as high as your expectations; as high as the altitude of Fort Marie Christine with its breathtaking view.

On the programme: ski tours, descents of snow-covered slopes, supervision by ski professionals... nothing is missing from what one might imagine of a ski resort.

For lighter activities after a raclette, tartiflette or Savoyard fondue, take the Aussois plateau trail from the fort. Some 12 reading tables on the path allow you to better understand the landscape.

On the cultural side, visit the Oé Arch to discover one of the oldest houses in the village.

Contact the Tourist Office for more information on activities and places to visit in Aussois.


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